About Us

Dori and Gary Simonton got their start in the supplement industry in 1998 when they started manufacturing a joint supplement for dogs, horses, and people.  The product they called Cetyl M featured Cetyl Myristoleate as the main ingredient.

Dori had been introduced to the ingredient by a pastor who invited her to join a multi-level marketing company.  She reluctantly signed up, but soon was excited to see a Cetyl Myristoleate product for people with astounding results.  Her first thought went to the horses they had owned over the years with joint problems who would have benefited from such a product.  It was a long road but with consultations from several veterinarians and chemists, she formulated products for both horses and dogs.  Eventually, capsules and a topical cream followed for people. 


Dori and Gary grew the company for 20 years, improving the quality of life for thousands of both animals and people. In 2018, they decided it was time to slow down so they took an offer for the animal side of the company from a very reputable company, Manna Pro. They kept the human products, renaming the company, CoreCeutimin (Formally Coreceuticals).  The Cetyl Myristoleate capsules remain unchanged.   The Topical Cream formulation has been improved and they also now have Cetyl Myristoleate in a Soft Gel with tumeric which is available directly from the CoreCeutimin company and Amazon.